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From administrator,

Video Chat Free Dating philosophy is to apply the same relationship management techniques that we use in our on-line offering to our advertisers; as we connect like-minded people with each other, our goal as an advertising medium is to connect you, the advertiser, with your target consumer. Everyone wins!

This modern and sophisticated dating and matchmaker system is dedicated not only with helping people like you in finding new friends, a lover, a relationship or a life long partner. You will be able of using a subscription where matchmaker will send you periodically your best matches. Registering should always be quick and easy which is why you do not complete a long and tedious questionnaire. After answering a few questions you are a member with an access to the ever-growing member's database!

You will be granted permission to contact all other members in many different ways, upload your favorite music and videos, see upcoming events, have your own personal calendar, access to huge advertising place, play number of games, join the forum or groups, create your own blog and albums, chat online using video, 3D, send postcard or just send mail to members who are not online. You will see a social environment similar to Facebook but completely anonymous and much easier to understand. So everybody - come on the board and enjoy!